Thursday, August 11, 2005


Ok, I'm gonna try writing about my book a little bit today, and maybe I'll get some feedback. And if anyone says anything mean Ill go cry in my room for an hour.
I just decided I should do this 'cause I wrote another page and a half yesterday at work.
I'm not actually writing yet. I know the gneral theme of the sotry, but it's still in the embryonic stage. I need to figure out how to connect everything together. So I'm just writing detailed overviews of each chapter, one by one, on notebook. I generally know whats going to happen in each chapter before I start it. I just need to flesh it out and connect it to the other chapters. Well, sometimes I really have no idea what is going on, and writing it down forces me to make it up. Which isn't bad because I've been pretty satisfied thus far.

My grand hope is to make it into a four book series (or three depending on how things shape up) The first book is titled "Banners of the Grange". The story deals with a kingdom in decline, the ensuing civil war, and more importantly the people involved in it.
The story will told from the point of view of seven different characters. I was originally going to have each chapter from the POV of a single character, but I might scrap that. Well, here are the charcters...

Siomyn Belwyn- High ranking, but backwater Lord. Son of the most famous knight in history. Inadvertently thrust into the role of leader of one side of the war.

Tristram Pugg- Most minor lordling below the realms most powerful Lord. Sent to court as an emmisary. Gets caught up in the other side of the conflict.

Jayde Amberstone- Runaway daughter of another powerful lord. Went to college, now studying ancient civilization in the far north. Uncovers terrible secrets of the past, and all that.

Medra Rocksplitter- Arranges marriages in the capitol city of Aldegrange. Related to Lord Puggs overlord. The balance the civil wars rests on.

Kravins- Scholar travelling the world as a diplomat. Recalled to court, witnesses the world collapsing around him.

Gulbero (Gubbs)- Sixteen year old boy, trying to become a squire. Gets sent off to serve on a distant outpost, but is waylaid on the way.

Chulk- Not really active in the first book. Lives on the other side of the world, where a'doings are transpiring.

Thats that. I'll maybe write more about the stuff I write from day to day. If people are interested.

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