Friday, December 30, 2005

Post Christmas Update

- Had quite the good Christmas. Belmont somehow managed to avoid eating any of my parents nice holiday decorations. Four days without chewing up anything inappropiate? Thats some kind of record for him.

- As for presents, I think Gwen liked everything I gave her. Which is always good. And judging by what she got from my parents, it would seem my mother has been knitting for the past, oh, seven months or so. Actually, knowing my mother, it was probably more like two days.
I think I got everything I could have wanted. That included Civilization 4, which I still have to figure out if it will run on my computer. I didn't get any socks this year, but then it turned out that Gwens dad had accidentaly bought a pack of big and talls for himself, so he gifted them over to me. So thats pretty much the same thing. At least as far as I'm concerned. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Ben Holiday Present Drive this year.

-Check this out- Do a Google search for Freshy Freshington. Yes! I'm famous!

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