Saturday, June 10, 2006

A little news

Work might settle down quicker than expected though I still expect to be pretty strapped for time this weekend. In any case i will most defintely be all over the new Hells Kitchen on Monday.

I'm also temporarily suspending the Twins TV boycott, thanks to Joe Mauer. I don't really care how crappy the rest of the lineup is, the way he's hitting I just have to watch. I mean, it's probably been a good ten years since we've had a legit offensive threat. And against my better judgment I stayed up to watch the game go into extra innings against the Orioles last night. Justin Morneau hit two home runs (including the game winning walk-off in the 12th) and Mauer went 3-5 raising his BA to .384. Ok, so long as Mauer keeps this up, the Twins will be immune to the awesome threat of my boycott.

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