Saturday, January 22, 2005

Fun with predicitve text

Just messing around here. This is the all time home run leader board, according to the predictive text on my cell phones text messaging.

Hank Baron
Babe Ruth
Carry Comes
Willie Nays (I bought an authentic Willie Nays rookie card from this guy down on the corner. He also sold me this fine Romex watch!)
Frank Robinson
Mark Maizise
Scoo Rosa
Harmon Killeadax
Pegge Jackson
Rafael Palmero
Mile Schmidt
Micky Mantle
Jimmy Enzy
Froge Banks
Eddie Matthews
Mel Out
Eddie Murray
Ken Griffew Jr
Lot Heirig
Free Magside
Stan Music
Willie Subsid
Date Wingdfeld
Lord Campea (Sounds alot more impressive than his real name)
Carl Waystreri
Jeff Acidll

Misheard Lyrics

So, I heard "California Dreaming" on the radio the other day and reminded me of something from way back. Dad played that song alot when I was a kid, and I always thought the one line went this way-
"Stopped into a church, I passed a law on the way."
I remember thinking at the time that this was some comment on the influence of religion on modern politics. I guess that shows either I was pretty astute for an eight year old, or I was just faking it through the hearing tests at school.

Any favorite ones of yours?

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