Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Overheard at EB Games-

The clerk answering the phone while ringing me up today-

"Hello, EB Games, where you can pick up the PS3.....No, sorry we don't have any PS3's in stock."

Also, went to see 300 again. Now, I've been hearing people on the Internet bitching and moaning about the historical inaccuracies. "The Persians didn't use rhinos....they didn't show the Thebans....stupid kids are going to see this and think thats how things really went..."

Ok. Here's the thing. THE STUPID KIDS WERE ALREADY STUPID. Do you think any of them have even heard of the Battle of Thermopylae before??? Anyone can tell this is a heavily stylized account. I'd say just being aware of the battles existence is a significant step up for most.

Finally, I actually watched the Dog episode of Futurama tonight. You know the one I mean. But I guess I must be turning into a callous SOB, because I barely even cried at all.

Keyword Fun

13 Mar 13:58:48 craig nettles expos- Unlike Derek Geter I didn't mean to misspell Greg Nettles name. Sorry dude. (Oh, and he played for the Expos in 1988, the final year of his career.)

12 Mar 17:49:09 what does raven symone bedroom looks like Yes! But I don't know.

13 Mar 22:14:19 mentally handicapped chef

Hey! Stop that!

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