Tuesday, July 19, 2005

No Lois! Don't make me kill this artist/scientist/Frenchman/Christmas present!

Did you know...

On an average day 24 different people visit this blog a total of 64 times? Now, thats not even peanuts in world where some blogs draw 20 million views a month...hell thats not even peanut shaped pressed peanut sweepings. But I gotta admit, I'm a little surprised. I doubt I could think of more than a dozen people who I would guess visit this site regularly. I know there are ways to see who is coming here, but thats really more work than I want to invest. Its more fun to imagine that the Space Pope or the Dean of Pirate U. is coming here.

1- Batting cage at Disney World? I have no idea what you're talking about.

2- Sure, you can bring the tape.

3- The cheese flies through the west window at midnight.

Meant to mention, Gwen and I saw the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Sunday. Eh, I don't know about that one. I mean, I wasn't really a huge fan of the original or anything, but I just don't know that this film was screaming for a remake. And I gotta say, I prefer Gene Wilders vaugely creepy eccentric to Johnny Depps social retard. There were a few good gags but also a tacked on stupid subplot about Willy Wonkas dad or something, I don't know. No real reccomendation.

Gwen was dealing with actual important business relating to us moving and wasn't able to tape Hells Kitchen for me tonight. Sad! Apparently Elsie was booted. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that Jessica cried. Just a guess. Consider this your Hells Kitchen recap. Wow, thats alot easier!

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