Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hells Kitchen Episode 7 Recap

Recapping is hard! Short and sweet today, Gwen will skin me alive if I don't get more packing done...

Everyone falls back to the dorms to discuss Andrew being screwed over by Ralph..I mean cut. Jessica and Ralph huddle off to the side and to talk it over. Jessica says she didn't want him up there. Then she gets all drooley praising him and he's all like "Righ back at ya kiddo". God, I think I'm gonna vomit. Ralphica, in my admittedly limited reality TV viewing experience, have to be the most naueseating pair ever. Everyone stays up till 3:30 AM talking and smoking.

Then they're back at the kitchen at 7:30 AM. Proper sleep people, thats the key to winning. At the lineup Ramsay congratulates them on getting this far, then calls Ralph forward. Ah, but it's just to hand him a new black jacket. No more teams, now it's everyone competing against eachother on one team. He brings them up one by one to give them their jackets. He can't give Jimmy his without giving him a little crap but Jimmy laughs it off. Jimmy is the best.

They all go to the back to change. Elsie dances around and says "The fabulous five!" a bunch of times. Elise is going to be pissing away my goodwill towards her soon.

Challenge time, and it's dessert flambe. Ramsay runs them trhough it once, then tells them to they've got five minutes to make the best one they can. Everyone grabs their ingredients (Elsie and Jess forget their carts) and start in. Michaels is good but he hurried plating it and dropped the mango. Ralph didn't dip his fruit in sugar. Jessicas was ok. Elsies was better. Jimmy says this is his chance to show Chef how well he can do. This is followed by clips of him dropping stuff all over the place while trying to make his flambe. But Chef looks impressed with the final product. He declares Elsie and Jimmy have the two best, but the winner is Jimmy! Yeah! Jimmy looks stunned. Since he won, he can pick one other person to go on the days prize with him. Ralph leans over and looks at him expectantly. Yeah right, you sack of crap. Jimmy chooses...Michael! Elsie looks pissed. I said he should have chosen Jess because maybe he could have gotten lucky. Gwen said fat chance.

The other three have to clean the entire front of house as their punishment. Elsie just starts going off about how she deserved to go because she came in second. Jeez. Grow up. Aside, Jimmy admits he owed Michael one for not exposing him to elimination before. Makes sense. The prize is a helicopter tour of LA. They fly over the beach and Mike points out that he and Jimmy could get houses on the beach next to each other. Yeah, then you could come over at night to tenderly drape a blanket across him! Throughout all this they cut back to the restaurant to show Elsie STILL bitching about not being chosen and bad mouthing Jimmy. Elsie is acting like a total petulant child. Are her kids watching?

Jimmy and co. land atop a skyscraper where they enjoy caviar and champagne. Gordon totally talks Jimmy up. Jimmy looks like he's king of the world. Yeah Jimmy! Back home, where Elsie is still bitching about Jimmy as they walk in. God, I'm wishing for Ralph to start talking here. Elsie acts like a total bitch to Jimmy. Jimmy blows her off.

Dinner service. The sous chefs are given the night off, leaving the five for themselves. Menu is the best of last services. Elsies unloved paellea is nowhere to be found. Ha! Take that! They'll be doing tableside service for Cesaer salads and flambes. Jimmy is told to pick one person to handle that. "Jesus Christ" he mutters. "He didn't make the cut!" says Jessica the wag. Shut up Jessica. He chooses Elsie. She assumes he wants her to fail. Shut up Elsie. And shut up Ralph, just on principal.

Basicall- Elsie forgets to bring her salad bowl with her to the first table service. Choke, choke! Jessica bombs on meat station almost starting a fire and losing a bunch of steaks. Or did she? While she stands around wondering what happened to her steaks (good idea!) Michael runs in back and finds them. It's implied that maybe he hid them. Maybe. Jessica asks Elise to get her some pans. Yeah, she doesn't have anything going on. Jimmy accidentally throws away a lobster! Pours fish stock on risotto! Gets into a yelling match with Chef! Ralph gets to help chef on the hot plate. Such an honor! The lights go out! They come back on! Chef gets pissed! Shut it down!

Ralph is chosen to do the nominations. Why? What did he do? In back Elsie asks him to choose her. She's tired and wants to go home. Michael says thats a BS reason. Do it Ralph! Anyway, he of coure chooses Jimmy because of his fight with Chef and then...ahahahahahaha JESSICA!! Yes!!! Oh God, please let him cut her! That would be the best thing ever!!

Oh, but he doesn't of course. Jimmy is axed but for once Chef has nice things to say about him when he takes his jacket. He tells Jimmy to be proud of how far he got and to hold his head up. I don't think he wanted to cut him. Bummer. Hug for Jess, shakes hands with Ralph, head tilt from Mike, blow off for Elsie and he's gone.

It's Elsie, Michael, Jess and Ralph left. I assume it will come down to Michael and Ralph. Elsie is spent and Jess has no business being here any longer.

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