Tuesday, March 08, 2005

See ya tomorrow

As you might expect I don't really feel much like posting today. I'll be "back" tomorrow. Take care everyone.

RIP Zoe Mendyk, ?-2005

Well, I talked with Gwen last night. It seems that Zoe, Gwens Rottweiler, took a bad turn last week. She was having continuous seizures and the doctors said that it turned out she didn't have a stroke, she had a tumor on her lower brain stem. There was nothing that could be done so yesterday her parents made the decision to have her put to sleep. Apparently she felt no pain at the end and simply laid down and relaxed for the final hours. She was a very good dog. Even during the last days, when she couldn't really walk anymore she would try to nose her way to the door so she wouldn't make a mess in the house. As you can guess Gwen is quite sad. She's very close to Zoe. We were looking forward to Zoe coming to live with us when we bought a house when I came home, but now Zoe will be with us forever.

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