Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I just bring this up because Jen mentioned that after seeing Supersize Me she would never eat McDonalds again. I disagree on the principle. In the movie, Morgan Spurlock doubles his daily calorie intake, stops excersising then acts all surprised when he becomes very unhealthy. Well, yeah.
Les Sayer is a professor who duplicated Spurlocks experiment. Except he diversified what he ate and continued to excersise. The end result? He lost 17 pounds in 30 days.
Spurlock has a show on Spike where he puts people through similar situations over a thirty day span. And, surprise, he's coming under fire for heavily scripting the show and planning the outcome.

Uh oh. Now Superman will have to get a paint scraper and take that Batman sticker off the "plauqe".
Batman doesn't look to concerned about getting knocked out by that tool with an N on his chest though. He just seems kinda bored by it all.

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