Thursday, December 02, 2004

Earths Greatest Heroes!

Check out this picture of Dad and I intrepidly defending Earth-

Note Dads lip-biting intensity, while I just appear confused and scared by the whole ordeal.

UPDATE: Dosen't it look like I should be wearing a sweater vest in this picture?

Ben Storkamps Number One Rule Of Picture Taking

If you make a special trip to a theme park to take pictures (especially a theme park like, say, Epcot that you wouldn't actually visit otherwise) it's a good idea to remember your camera.
So, I spent several hours wandering around Epcot to no real purpose yesterday. I got a couple stocking stuffers for Gwen, and saw a nice Chinese acrobat show. Also, a bag of Coke Gummis for me. The forty percent discount makes it ok for me to buy candy at world showcase.
Another tip, dont run your Disney ID through the dryer. It gets all warped and jams the card reader at the front gate. Oops. Its sitting under my dresser leg now.
Got a new roommate yesterday. His names Guillermo (sp?), but he says we can call him Gee (sp?). He's from Brazil. Seems like a really nice guy. Hope he makes it through living with Keith.
Oh, I almost forgot the worst part! Those...phillistines....they took the giant kelp tube out of the Living Seas Pavillion!!! That was the coolest thing Disney had! I'm so angry.....I can't believe I'll have to go back to Epcot...

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