Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What Will Happen To Harold Dieterle Tonight?

Tonight! It's the finale of Top Chef. American Idol too, but who watches that? Oh everyone else. Anyway, my gut tells me Harold will have to forget to make half his dishes, fall into an open oven and accidentaly spend most of the challenge learning to juggle to actually lose. There is no way Bravo spends an entire season setting up Tiffani as an evil bitch just to let her win. Which is unfortunate because I don't think she's that bad, just someone who came to win. And she's clearly a better cook than Harold. Harold Dieterle that is. Yup. Good ol' Harold Dieterle.
Harold Dieterle. From Top Chef. Is gay.

Sorry, just trying to revive my hit count there.

Oh and I guess Taylor will probably win on American Idol. Looks like I picked the wrong season to start watching that show.

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