Friday, August 05, 2005

First, Twins

Awhile back, I talked down on the Twins chances of making the post-season and Jesse disagreed. Still wanna take the position Jes? Granted, this was before Torii Hunters foot fell off, something neither of us could have been predicted, but come on. I knew the Twins were gonna suck way before you knew they would suck.
The Twins lost 5-2 last night, their 17th connsecutive loss. Joe Mauer is hitting .082, and Jaques Jones is batting -.136 with men in scoring position. Brad Radke, pitching against the Red Sox tonight, recently set a new single season record by giving up a home run on the first pitch of every single game he has started this year, while Justin Morneau is back on the DL after being hit in the face with a pigeon during batting practice.
I like their chances but little.


More drama at work. I may or not be getting trouble when I come in today. Really too long to explain, but it's pretty dumb. I didn't do anything wrong, but the way things go I might get burned anyway. We'll just have to see.

I won't get a chance to post this weekend, so I will probably see you all back on Monday. Hoepfully I still have a job. Sigh.

Oh, and a big thanks to Mom and Dad for the new computer. Oh god, I just sounded like I'm sixteen there. I'm twenty six!!! Really!

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