Saturday, November 05, 2005

Happy Anniversary Gwen!

Today marks the four year anniversary of Gwen and I being together! It's also one year to the day(well, 364 days away really) of our wedding! But who's counting?
Oh, right.
Love you honey!

We went to a wine tasting at the Ramada last night with a couple of friends from Gwens work. It was quite a bit of fun. Now I know, you're not supposed to drink the wine at a tasting, but you were at this one. You got a glass and went around to 22 different tables, each of which had 6-10 wines sampling whatever you wanted. I got a shade bit tipsy I admit. I had two things from almost every table, and that was on an pretty empty stomach. They did have cheese and crackers at each table, which was nice, and carved meat stations, so at least I had something to soak up all the alcohol. We both found some wines we actually liked, though of course we didn't buy anything. Our favorite, and I don't remember what it was called, prompted me to exclaim "It tasted like drinking gummie bears!" Too bad it was like 25 bucks a bottle.

Work is well. I attempted to make myself a Chipotles style burrito for lunch but failed. Maybe I should stick to making crazy burgers.

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