Saturday, July 30, 2005

I'm feeling pretty burned out right now. We had an insanely busy night at work last night, thanks to a drawing for a bunch of money and two Corvettes. Corvette show tonight so it will be crazy busy again. Happily, I am off the next two days, but they can't come soon enough.

I was unaware that LA Confidential was a book before it was a movie. We were shopping for furniture and a bookcase had a copy of it, along with some others as a dressing. I read the first page, all guns, large sums of money and heroin deals. Sound good to me. I like books and movies where large amounts of money change hands, preferably by illicit means. So I picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble. I'm totally hooked. You know the "gritty crime novel" cliche? This book is so gritty my fingers get chalky turning the page.

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