Friday, February 18, 2005

All Sick Dogs, All the Time

UPDATE- Ok, get ready... Gwen isn't going home. Her dad tells her that Zoe isn't doing that badly. She can still get up on the couch to nap, so. She still dosen't have much of an appetite, so that remains a concern. You can bet I will keep you updated.

UPDATE II- It is possible that if you look around you might notice some changes that I am legally forbidden to speak about. Just do what you would.

Well, with Belmont getting better it was only a matter of time till we heard bad news abotu Zoe. If you don't remember thats Gwens Rottweiler that lives with her parents. She had a stroke a couple of weeks ago, and after seeming to improve now seems to be doing worse. Gwens said her parents are sugarcoating things and they still don't sound optimistic. I think she's trying to figure out a way to get home this weekend. We just need to find something to do with Belmont since it's inadvisable to have a puppy with an upset tummy on a long car ride. Sorry about the downer posts lately, but thats what I hear about.

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