Monday, February 07, 2005

Culinary school stuff

Since I had a request for more Chappy stories, I wanted to point out that he and I worked on sauces on Thursday. I didn't ention it here before since I was so worried about Belmont. Chappys a great guy, he really knows his stuff and he's easy to learn from. We also discussed my resume. He's going to help me with that too.
I'm going in early to work with Derick today. He's one rung below Chappy, basically he has the job I want to hold when I get done. Sorry, he does'nt have a name like grizzled 1840's trail hand. I guess you could say, ha ha, Derick, what is he, a piece of oil drilling equipment?


Just as Belly is gettig better, Gwens rottweiler Zoe has a stroke. It sounds like she is doing ok ad might make a full recovery, but for now she has to sleep downstairs (she lives with Gwens parents by the way) cause she cant manage the stairs yet. The thing is they don't really know how old she is since she is adopted, so there are alot of questions about her health. Hopefully she will be ok.

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