Sunday, March 27, 2005

A few other things

Dad: When selecting betweeen the Horned King and Captain hook, I eschewed the Tiger Test in favor of the more controversial "How many hats can you hang on your person Test" which is why HK won. Glad you noticed!

Bob Casey, the only PA announcer the Twins ever had has died. That is sad.

Man, I really wanted to link the hot new Punty news, but it seems to have disappeared from Apparently, Ron Gardenhire is quite pleased with Punty for not sliding headfirst on a recent play. "If he can just stay away from the tigers he can probably stay healthy this year. Now be very quiet....I think they're sleeping." Gardenhire said.


I'm told it's Easter...I think.
I don't know. I'm strung out with a bad cold. It feels like I'm trying to swallow a ninja star. Which, after the time I really did, I din't ever want to do again.
Supposed to hear back from Treasure Island tomorrow. I'll let you know.

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