Friday, June 17, 2005


I'm pretty much just trying to get linked by the awesome and talented guys at Fraters Libertas, so again, everyone should go HERE and vote on who has a better state quarter...Minnesota or Colorado.
Is it important? Apparently.

Update: YF: (MF?) I'll run down your list later. As in run it into the mud. Well, not really, but yeah.

Announcement Speech

"Friends, neighbors. Four years ago I campaigned along these very roads to help elect Mark Blackford, a great man of the Southeast, as our Governor. And though he hid it well in public, in private his health was failing. It wasn't til after the election, and after he had tapped me as his Lt. Governor that we learned the truth. He was suffering from terminal lung cancer. And sadly, not long after he passed the torch of Governorship to me, he passed on to his great reward. But I believe his legacy lives on the careful stewardship I have attempted to impart upon our great region.

Over the past four years the Southeast has seen tragedy and glory, catastrophe and great blessing. I have felt personal tragedy, and enjoyed incredible new heights. Together we have wept at Aiken, battled before Felix and danced in the streets over World Series victories. And through it all we have come closer as a community and been that much stronger. And despite every bit of heartache I have suffered, every bit of stress and strain, I would not trade this job for anything in the world.

But one thing has always bothered me. Though I have felt I have done a fine job leading our Region, I know one thing. I ascended to this position. The voters of the Southeast did not elect me. Well, its time to change that. I am coming before you today to say, I want to be your governor for the next four years! I want the people of the Southeast to vote to send E.D. Whistler and Tim Calhoun back to the Governors mansion! I want to be the Governor that people will see on the streets and say "That's the man I voted for!" Friends, neighbors, I am asking for you help! Help me bring the Southeast into a new generation of prosperity and success by voting Whistler and Cahloun this November!"

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