Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Check this out


It's amazing to see this at such a close up, hi-res level. It dosen't even seem possible that these would just occur naturally, but there you go.


My Minnesota health insurance was cancelled...and no one even notified me. Apparently if youre one day late with your payment it gets cancelled. Or if they think you are one day late. When in fact the mail system down here just sucks. Goddam beuracracy.

Oh well, I talked it over with Gwen and it wont hurt me too bad for now. I can fix it later.

I haven't mentioned it before but there are about 500 cast members here from the soon to be opening Hong Kong Disneyland. About a half dozen work at Port Orleans. Oddly, some of the girls have Western names. Which brings me to my story about one of them, Ellen.

Last night I was giving Kieu her break in pizza, and Ellen was working there. When there are three front of house people working pizza, one of them handles just the pizza orders, which is what Ellen was doing. But things were kina slow (odd since we were at 97 percent capacity) so we only had like four or five people in line at a time. But every time someone new would get in line, Ellen would grab her pad and pen and race over to the other side of the shop. Then, standing like two feet away from the guest she'd yell "PEESA! ANYONE FOR PEESA?" Most of the time the guest would just shake their head with a terrified gesture, but if they did order a pizza she would go through this spiel where she would say about twenty seconds worth of words in about seven seconds then sprint off to grab the pizza from the cooler. God bless her, she was trying.
And no, I'm not being xenophobic and yes she speaks better english than I speak mandarin. It was cute, ok?

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