Saturday, April 02, 2005


I'd be remiss in not posting this though. The Twins finally get some front page love from Twins all the way in '05? Yeah!

Guess what?... and more...

I've been kicked out of my apartment! Seems you have 24 hours from when you turn in your ID to vacate. Nice of them to tell me. By which I mean they didn't tell me. Oh well, it's not really a big deal. It just forced me to get my ass in gear and pack up fast. And I can stay with my friend Jamie for a couple nights. So whatever. I just gotta take care of my final errands.

Well, since I got a minute, lets take a look at round three of Disney Villain March Madness.

Capt. Hook v. Frollo. Hook knocked off a virtually forgotten side character and Disneys only forgiven villain to get here. Frollo still rocks the muffin hat. Whattya got to go up against the muffin hat Hook? Shiny boots? Oh..thats good. But not good enough. Frollo.

Shan Yu- v. Ursula Well, of course I'm a big Shan-Yu fan. Of course. But really, he's the only villain of the recent movies who was more of a plot device than an actual character. Weigh that against Ursula, who pretty much took over the movie she was in, and the fact that Ursula could sit on Shan Yu thereby making him dead, and she clearly wins. Ursula.

Jafar v. Evil Queen. Ok, folks if the Villain They Didn't Bother To Name dosen't go down here, something is wrong. You've got the reasonably effective sorcerer against the sorceress who failed to poison her only employee. Easy choice people. Jafar.

Hades V. Clayton. Wait. Wait. WAAIIIIIT. Whoah. THAT'S Clayton? Him? Thats not the guy I was voting for. Hold on....the guy I thought was Clayton is actually....Percival McLeach??? Ohh, man. I can't believe that. Clayton may be the supreme ass-kicker of the Disney Universe, but wow...I'm just so bitter. I have to go with Hades on this one. No, on second thought I'll go with Clayton anyway.

Ok. That may or may not be it for awhile. I should have sporadic internet access for the next couple days. So if you have any parting thoughts, go ahead and post them.


Don't start the next round of voting without me Dad.

Where to start?

Why am I leaving?
I feel like I've sort of hit the upper threshold of what I can learn here. Plus I've basically got a couple job offers back home, so I felt it would be easier to finalize things in Minnesota.

Did I have to leave right now?
Well, no. But why not? I miss Gwen, I can sort out my job situation and get on with my life.

Anything you regret not doing?
Well, I won't get to see the cast preview for Soarin, which was just next week. But I really wasn't willing to stick around for a ride at this point. I haven't seen the new iasw yet, but I MIGHT see it Sunday anyway. I really wanted to see a Twins spring training game, but that didn't work out. Also, and I guess this is the one thing I will never get a chance to do again, I never saw the Utilidors. Oh well. I heard they're just like normal hallways.

Ok, gotta go get stuff done.

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