Tuesday, January 03, 2006


That would be the latest TV on DVD thats got me hooked. I completely ignored this show when I had TV, partly because I was sick of hearing all the raving reviews for it. I just resent being told how brilliant a TV show or movie is. I'll decide that my own damn self...damn it! Now, while I admit that this show has got me pretty well hooked (we're about halfway through season one) I do have a couple concerns.

-After the X-Files, I am very wary about vesting myself in a "show of mystery". I just fear that it will turn out that the writers are making everything up as they went along, and all these strange little twists that are supposed to be paid off "down the road" will never really be explained.

-I'm getting sick of that whole, whats, in the box, oh it's something seemingly unimportant, how unusual, what could it mean thing that seems to happen in every episode. That suitcase couldn't have just had the guns in it? It had to have a little toy airplane that Kate robbed a bank to get. Ok.

- Boone and his sister. Though I never get sick of seeing Boone get punched, and luckily, that happens alot.

It does make me wonder though: What use would I be on the island. Likely answer- not much. I can still swim ok, though I don't know how often that comes in handy. I guess I could clean and fillet fishes well enough...skin boars...uhhhh...cut fruit, that sort of thing. I guess I could stack the fruit into neat piles as well, which Freshy Freshington could then topple over while searching for the freshest mango. Damn that Freshy Freshington.

Anyone else watch this show?

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