Thursday, March 16, 2006

So you've probably noticed that despite having internet access at home I haven't been updating too often. Well work has been absolutely crazy as of late. I don't even remember when my last day off was...I know my next one is next Thursday, for now. Plus Target is being totally insane with my shcedule there. I've had to let them know that its really not ok to schedule me five days there. I don't like working 4 16 hour days in five days. Hey, call me a spoiled kid but thats just how I feel. Hopefully things will settle down some in the coming weeks and I can get back to some more frequent updates.

Oh, as for Top Chef, Ok Jen you called it. Steven, AKA Captain Douchebag is easily the most unlikable person in the history of television or humanity. Ill surely be watching if for nothing else, to see him get his comeuppance.

Also hopefuly, recaps to follow.

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