Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Quick Notes-
No wizards! I'm trying to stay totally away from magic. There are things like necromancy that can be accomplished through the application of powdered crystals and fungi, but as Kravins would put it, thats really more "accidental science".

Jaydes parents (her father really) just disapprove of how she's chosen to live her life. She doesn't really have a big secret....yet....hmmmm....

Chapter 6- Siomyn and his party are spending the night at a small town on the banks of the Kennitoth (Kings River). Jonn wonders why they didn't spend the night at Red Bank Mach, the keep of Siomyns old friend Lothat Thane. Siomyn privately admits he didn't want to because he hadn't seen Lothar in so long, and wouldn't know what to talk about. Jonn thinks thats crazy, Siomyns father Rheicert always enjoyed visiting old friends. Siomyn snaps at him and tells him to get his dinner then leave. Jonn refuses and they bicker until Siomyn sort of apologizes. Jonn has that ability. The clerk brings up their dinner and they eat. A ruckus arises from the common room and Marten Stone marches Jarrest in. Siomyn is surprised at how quickly they moved. Marten points out how slowly Siomyns party has been moving. Siomyn admits they have been taking a leisurely pace, because the weather is so nice. Siomyn and Jarrest argue about Jaressts future. Siomyn wants him to go to Aldegrange and study at college, Jarrest wants to be a squire and threatens to run away and beceome a knight-errant. Siomyn finally pacifies him by agreeing to buy him a new longbow. Siomyn invites Marten along to Aldegrange. Marten declines, saying he wants to go back to Griffenhaight. He feels cold winds blowing down from the mountains and wants to help Url Iceskin patrol the passes. He'll leave in the morning. Jonn and Siomyn discuss Jarrest. Jonn points out that Rheciert won his first Grand Championship when he was just 16. Of course this angers Siomyn. The inkeep enters and asks Siomyn to sign his crest to a pennant to hang in the common room. Siomyn does. In the morning as they leave Siomyn sees the pennant hanging up. It now declares that the son of the great Rheicert Belwyn slept here.

I'm back

I seem to post that at the end of every weekend.
Had the night from hell at work last night. I won't go into specifics since it's just generally a bad idea to talk much about your work. Anyway, hopefully things will ease off these next couple of days, then I'm off on Thursday.

The bachelor party was alot of fun, despite the surprise thunderstorm which prevented golfing. We just headed back to Petes house and played poker and drank form 10:30 AM to 4 AM. Which is alot of poker. I lost ten dollars. I'd say I did alright, considering I'd never played Texas Hold 'Em before. And it was good to see those guys again.

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