Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The most predictable day in sports passed yesterday, with the AL beating the Nl yet again. For what is, I believe, the eleventieth year in a row. I only caught a few brief snippets of the game in the break room at work. What can I say, at least it wasn't a tie.
A tie. Jesus Christ. Three years later and I'm still pissed about that. It was like Bud Selig thought long and hard about what to do, then decided "What would piss everyone off the most? Yes, that's what I'll do!" A goddam tie.

I did catch the first part of the replay of the Home Run Derby. It looks like they're really pushing this international thing with the Baseball World Cup coming up. With is fine with me, except you just know the US is gonna gets its butt kicked. Because all the latin players will wanna be on their countrys team and Venenzula and the Dominiacan Republic will end up with awesome squads. While most of the great US born players won't want to commit themselves to an extra two weeks of unpaid play. So we'll end up with a couple of good guys like Dontrelle Willis and Johhny Damon, say and then a bunch of scrubs.

Great pictures of new Twin and former juicer Bret Boone here, along with other before and after pics of players. Jason Giambis are nothing short of hilarious.

Gotham City is nearly destroyed by aliens, mosnters or super criminals about 4 times a day, but Batman still finds the time to investigate a heinous villain who, uh, rips the heads off of dolls. First suspect...8-year old Billy Johnson.

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