Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My surviving vice

Chefs have a higher rate of suicide than cops or lawyers.
About ninety percent of proffesonal chefs smoke regularly.
Sixty percent have used cocaine in the past year.
Most drink regularly, many are alcoholics.

Me, I just started swearing again.
I'd gotten pretty good at not swearing anymore. In high school it was pretty bad, I was like a pirate or something. I noticed it, didn'tlike it, and decided to stop. And, as I thnik Gwen could testify, I almost NEVER swear. Well, I don't swear at home anymore, but when I'm at work and things get stressful in the kitchen, it's totally different. Saturday, I couldn't form a sentence without using the F word. I can't help it, it just seems to work at venting steam. It's not good to keep it bottled up inside right?

Saturday I was trying to talk to Gwen on the phone while on break, and people kept calling on the walkie to say they were taking my stuff. I think she was a little disturbed the resluting profanity.

One other thought about the Hells Kitchen finale. Although it's really no excuse, Ralph cleary was stuck with the weaker team. Ok, he had Andrew, who inexplicably worked really hard for him (but isn't that great a cook) easily confused Wendy and Dewberry, who spent most of the night sitting on a milk crate fanning himself and going "pfew!".

Michael meanwhile had Ralphs girl Jessica, who seems competent when things aren't too busy (when it all breaks down though, she breaks with it) Jimmy, who tries harder than anyone, and Elsie, who I guess is a decent cook.

I couldn't believe it when Ralph took time out to wave his rules of the kitchen in Dewberrys face. God, I'm glad he didn't win.

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