Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ooohhh...damn you charter!

We had a huge billing dispute with our cable/internet provider, Charter, and Gwen (quite rightly, as they were really screwing us) slammed her foot down and cancelled the whole shebang. Which means I'm posting this from the library, sitting next to smelly people. Oh well.

A Feast For Crows has FINALLY come out. I really don't have the thirty bucks for it right now, so I spent a couple hours in Barnes and Noble yesterday morning leeching the first dozen chapters or so. Hey, if I do it this way I'll be able to draw it out alot longer I imagine.
The book is clearly not without its problems, as I expected. Namely, there are constantly scenes like this-
"___ walked into the room and saw many people he recognized like ___, ___, ___, ___, ___ and ____ who's sigil was a _____ on ____. Unlike ____ who's sigil was _____ on a field of ____. He remembered this was because (three paragraphs of probably unimportant back history)...blah blah blah...
I mean, I like it to a degree, its one of the things that attracted me to the series, but at times it just feels like bloat.

Well, I'm off to go start up my new-old job at Target. Today I have..grooaaaannnn...six hours of cashier training. I'm not going to be a cashier or anything, but I can't get out of the training this time. I hate cashiering.

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