Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My Commercial Beef

Ok. I never saw these before I moved to Rochester. But in the couple years I've lived here, I've been fairly well bombarded with ads for a niche I wasn't previously aware of- Housing discrimination reporting.
Now, I'm certainly not saying this doesn't happen, but judging from how often I come across pleas to report housing discrimination, wether on the radio or TV, I can't help but wonder why I never saw them before. Its like some county agency down here just got a huge increase in their budget, and had to burn it up on a string of low-prodcution value commercials informing us all on the evils of housing discrimination. And they're all the same. Some white guy takes phone calls, in turn, from a woman with screaming children, then a guy with a Mexican accent, then a black guy, telling them all that he's already rented out the apartment listed. Then a white guy who sounds like he's got a stick up his ass calls, and the landlord is all like "Bingo!"
I just didn't realize it was such a huge problem down here.

And by the way, why CAN'T you deny an apartment to someone with a bunch of wailing urchins? If I had a room or single apartment I was renting out, I wouldn't want to be bothered by screaming kids.

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