Thursday, November 11, 2004

Last post for a little while...

Okay, I'll be leaving Saturday morning to begin the big trek. I'll be spending all day Friday with Gwen, so this will be my last post till Tuesday at the earliest. Take care everyone and I'll see you in Florida!

What did I do today?

Well actually, I have to start with yesterday....internet has been down in our apartment for some time, stupid lousy Dish Network...I'm working on the office computer.
So yesterday I...
1. Got my bloodwork done at Mayo. I need to get my levels checked before I go in case they need to adjust my synthroid. The lab tech was learning to draw blood and put the needle right through my vein, then just kind of dug around for awhile trying to get it. Fun.
2. Cleaned out my car. Actually had less crap then I thought.
3. Got my car washed at one of those detailing super wash places. It took like an hour and a half for some reason but man my car is super clean. I almost choked on the air freshener fumes when I got back in though.
4. Sharpened my knives and put together my knife kit. I went all of school without really cutting myself, then I slice my finger wide open putting away my new cleaver. I actually thought I would need stitches for awhile, but no, I'm cool.
5. Laundry. Uh, yup.
6. Sams Club. Nine dollars for a massive bottle of shampoo? I guess.

Today, I have to get my oil changed, pick up my tabs, and pack my car. Busy day so I gotta get going. Talk to you all soon!

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