Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Something has been bugging me for awhile...

And I think I know what it is.
Has anyone else read The Stand by Stephen King? Back about 10 years ago, King was my absolute favorite author, and The Stand was my absolute favorite book. I mean, I was obsessed with it. I could recite the cast of characters chapter and verse. I knew every minute detail, in minute detail. But over time, Stephen King fell out of my favor for various reasons. Now, looking back, I have come up with one, itty bitty little complaint about this book-
It's freakin' pointless.
I mean it. 60,000 pages of story for a total copout ending. Here, if you havent read the book, enjoy my recap of it.

Ok, there is a big plauge. Almost everyone on earth dies. All kinds of people in America come together to battle the approaching evil. Now we'll spend thousands of pages developing characters and setting up the coming confrontation between good and evil and...you know what? Let's just have God blow the bad guys up with an A-Bomb. It renders the entire previous 100,000 pages of the book meaningless, but oh well.

Seriously. Just reading that, I can't believe how insane that is. Does anyone else feel this way? Am I wrong somehow?

Five Parks

Ok, if I could visit any five major league parks, they would be...

Dodgers Stadium- If I got there before the thrid inning I could sit wherever I want!

Minute Maid Park (Houston)- They have that train, and someone might trip on the hill in center field.

Camden Yards- Well, its the ballpark that started the whole retro craze. Supposed to be good food too.

PetCo Park (San Diego) Supposed to be the prettiest of the new parks.

Busch Stadium- Well, its the Cardinals and all.

Not on my list- Yankee Stadium (Why would I want to deal with Yankees fans) Fenway APrk (The place is a dump, plus you have to pee in those stupid troughs) Tropicana Field (Well, at least I would have plenty of elbow room)

I guess thats it. I know, YF, you might be surprised by my choices.

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