Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hi John!

Well, I'm pretty excited. I finally got ahold of my old best friend from high school, Jonh Garruto. It was actually kind of a convuluted process, wherein I actually managed to contact his wife, but the message got through. So right now I'm really feeling the pressure to say something witty.

Uh huh. On with trivia answers.

1- Junior Autopia, from the original Disneyland. It was eventually removed from the park during refurbishment and reinstalled in Walts boyhood hometwon of Marcelline Missouri. Good guess with it's a small world, but that went from offsites TO a park.

2- Peter Pans Flight. I have never seen it with a wait of less than 45 minutes, including absolute dead times.

3- Ok, my information was messed up here. The number I was given was just for Wishes, the Magic Kingdom nighttime show, and not the whole thing. And that number is 70,000 dollars. Which is why a chicken tender basket cost 7 dollars.

Oh, and strictly off the record, thanks for doing such a terrific job supporting me yesterday. I really do appreciate, even if I can't talk about it.


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