Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Disney Legion Of Doom

Fantasmic got me wondering...if you wanted to put together a Legion of Doom of Disney villains who would you pick?
I'd say-
Hades: Hades would be like Sinestro. He's too powerful to take along when they rob the bank, he's just there so that the group isn't a total bunch of pushovers.
Jafar: He's got that spinny eyed snake stick dealy. That should come in handy.
Ursula: It's important to look cool and intimidating. Too bad she'd have to sit in a tank of water during their board meetings.
Frollo: To come up with plans, and run the meetings. You'd have alot of egos in that rooms and he's most likely to be able to control them.
Malificient: She's not a very good dragon, but can you turn into a dragon? No, you cannot. And neither can any other villain, so she gets in.
Scar: Scar is the Gorilla Grodd of the group. He just drools less. Hey its not a villain supergroup without a talking animal!
Shan-Yu- Well, someone will have to do the heavy lifting. And he's got his own army.
Clayton- Every supergroup needs an easily defeated normal guy with no real powers. Hello, Toyman!
Kaa- Scars inclusion means Kaa can't be a full member. But as one of the few villains with a legit power (hypnosis) he has to be included somehow. So lets let him ride around on Claytons shoulders or something. Having a sidekick should make him less useless.
Not making the cut- Cruella Deville (whats she got to offer? Two guys with cockney accents?) King John (talking animal position already filled) Chernaobog (too much overlap with Hades) Gaston (Look out! he's got a bow and arrow!) Captain Whatever and Whatsername from Atlantis (Probably not a good idea to bring WWI technology up against superheroes) Captain Hook (His crew got beat down by a bunch of kids...I mean, come on..even vilains have some standards) Shere Khan (Animal. Talking.) The Evil Queen (I think you need some actual personality for admittance) Hopper (Actually if he was full sized, he'd be in a heartbeat. I mean he can fly!)

Wow, I'm a dork. What about you?


At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I found your post very entertaining. In fact, when I was at the barber shop the other day I started wondering, if Disney villians were barbers, which ones would I not want to go to?
Hades. Fire works for some people, just not for me.
Evil Queen. I wouldn't trust her to cut my hair. She would never allow me to end up looking better than her.
Kaa. It may be that he has good fashion sense, but without hands, I would have to see him using scissors first.
Malificient. She most likely would stick herself with a hairpin and die.
Well, that's enough of that. I've also been thinking about which Disney villians would make good basball players. I'll get back to you.

At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd post a real comment but I lost the thread of the whole post and comment from Bill. I enjoyed them though.


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