Sunday, December 12, 2004

My Disney Favorites

My ten favorite rides/attractions at Disney World-
10- Space Mountain- Dad and I agree, this ride seems to have gotten better.
9-Pirates of the Carribean- If I remember right, the Disney Land version is longer and better. Disney Worlds dosen't have the skeleton on the big pile of loot drinking rum. So I'll split the difference and put it here. And the only ride at Disney world that features ACTUAL HAIRY LEGS!!
8- Buzz Lightyears SpaceRanger Spin- I'm better at this than photographic evidence indicates.
7-The Tree Of Life- Not actually a ride of course, but I like.
6- The Haunted Mansion- Just as long as I remember to bring certificate.
5- Teamboat Springs- I haven't actually been on this in about 8 years, but once Blizzard Beach reopens I'm going to make a special trip just for it.
4- Mickeys Philharmagic- Only seen it once, but yeah, it's pretty amazing. Sorry Dad.
3- Tower of Terror- With the new system, some times its just okay, and sometimes it damn near kills me.
2- Rock N' Roller Coaster- If there is one thing at all of Disney World guranteed to put a smile on my face its the first ten seconds of this ride. Its just unavoidable.
1- Splash Mountain- I LOVE Splash Mountain. Everything about this ride is perfect. The sad thing is, after you go down the drop, you go around a little island, and there is an empty water bottle thats been laying on it since I got here. I want to tell someone, but that would be weird. Still, great great ride.

UPDATE: Recent departures from this list- Star Tours (Kinda dated) Big Thunder (too slow) Muppets 3-D (I like, but Philharmagic kinda blows it off the list) Indiana Jones Stunt Show (sentimental favorite of course, but since I'm unlikely to get picked again, I'm not going back) Mister Toads Wild Ride (Oh, crap. Hey!)


At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, This is your father.
Boy, where do I start? Maybe at the top.
Space Mountain-Yes, it's better than I remember. I'm glad I rode it while I was there in November, or it might not have made my list.
Pirates (Or, what Ben might call POTC)-What can you say? It's a classic. Removing it from your top ten list would be like trying to erase a fond childhood memory.
Buzz Lightyear-Top ten? I'm not too sure about that. But, it's good for a laugh.
Tree of Life-Not a ride, but easily the best park icon. MGM, hello! You have a hat!
The Haunted Mansion-Very nearly my favorite Disney ride. Defines the word "Classic". A bit dated? Perhaps, but just cool in every way.
Teamboat Springs-By far the funest water park ride I've ever been on. I'm pretty sure it requires at least four full-grown homo-sapiens to make it work right, though.
Mickey's Philharmagic-I love that attraction! It's just so.......wait a minute.....never mind.
Tower of Terror-Very cool modern ride. Theming is superb. I'm sure some drops are better than others, but I really can't imagine that you could ever have a bad ride.
Rock N' Roller Coaster-Not really ahuge roller coaster fan, but this has to be the best one anywhere. I'm sure you could find dozens of scarier coasters in this country alone, but it's not just about the thrills. And nobody does it like Disney.
Splash Mountain-Great ride, in every way. Would not call it number one, but what a fun ride!
Recent Departures-
Star Tours-You know, There was a time when I thought this had to be about the coolest ride ever. Then, I rode it about forty times.
Big Thunder-My number one attraction. Disney theming all the way, a truely fun coaster, not thrilling, but fun. It has Disney written all over it. Walt himself loved trains. Besides, it's the wildest ride in the wilderness.
Muppet 3D-Great in it's day, but has fallen far behind not just MP, but HISTA and ITTBAB too.
Indiana Jones Stunt Show-Was a lot of fun to watch you on stage, but otherwise, just another stunt show over and over.
Mister Toads Wild Ride-A good ride. Another classic. By the way, they still have that ride at Disneyland. Of course, that doesn't help all you Florida fanatics out there.
Well that's it. Over all, I pretty much agree with your ratings. Your bottom five may be a different story.


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