Sunday, December 12, 2004

And on the flip side

My Bottom 5...

5- Journey Through Imagination- Wow Figment, you put stuff on the ceiling. Good job. Wake me up in five minutes. I don't think they even have the in ride picture taking anymore. Probably because it was embarressing (like my spelling) to see all those photos of snoozing guests on the big board.
4- The Big Inner Tube Ride at Typhoon Lagoon- I think this one got built about four days before the park opened.
3- Test Track- You know why people like this ride? Becuase there are no good rides at Epcot so the last fifteen seconds of this look good by comparison. But the crap you have to put up with to get there is intolerable.
"Oh no! We're going over BUMPS now!"
"German or Belgian?"
2- That Water Ride at Animal Kingdom- I stood in line on a off day for 25 minutes for this. And for what? Nothing happens....nothing happens.... a tree is on fire....the boat spins around, I'm in front, we go down a little hill, I take the entire wave.... some snot nosed tourist shoots me with a water cannon.
1- Space Ship Eart- No, really, try and defend this one. Oh, thank you ATT for showing me how COMMUNICATION is the key to the future!

Notable Omissions- Mission Space, El Rio De Tempo, Animal Kingdom Safari ("And now, if you look to your left three miles away, in between the trees, an anteloupes butt")


At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you not like the Safari? You must have gotten really unlucky. Every time I've gone on it I've seen tons of animals. One time dad and I went on it an ostrich chased our jeep. And I *like* Spaceship Earth. But I agree with the rest of the stuff on your lists. (Journey Through Imagination has a bunch of hidden Mickeys in it though.) Did you go on the Pooh ride? That's pretty good.

At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Jenny on the Safari ride. But you're right on about Journey Through Imagination. Whose imagination exactly, and how sad is that. They should use Joseph's. Now that would be a ride.

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, this is your father.
Hmmm....Bottom 5, let's see...
Actually, you're not too far off.
Journey Through Imagination-In truth, I can't really rate this. I've only ridden it twice. The first time was over ten years ago, and the second time I fell asleep 30 seconds into the ride and didn't wake up until we were deboarding. And yet, I think that says something about the ride.
The Big Inner Tube Ride at Typhoon Lagoon (or, TBITRATL)-Here's my theory: I believe that while the park was being built, workers noticed a dripping pipe on the side of the hill. Rather than fix the pipe, they decided to just throw some inner tubes in the trickle of water and call it a ride. No one really knows if the experiment worked or not because they are still waiting for those first inner tubes to reach the bottom of the hill.
Test Track-I hate to say this about a Disney attraction, but sadly, I kind of enjoy this ride just because it's kind of laughable. "My God! These world renowned imagineers have actually devised a way to make a room COLD!" "My God! Now a room is HOT!" And don't get me started on the bumps.. I often drive over bumps with my own car, but I don't call it a ride.
Kali River Raft Ride (or, TWRAAK) Well, it is what it is. A raft ride. Giving it a conservation theme that nobody even notices doesn't make it a good ride. It's just another raft ride. Not a bad ride, just a ride. On the other hand, I'm really not into getting drenched at a park.
Spaceship Earth-Well, I don't have anything against this ride. I like the atmosphere. I like riding around in the geosphere, or biosphere, or whatever they call it. I guess I just like anything that ends in sphere. True, it's dated, but it's classic EPCOT. That still means something to me.
Notable omissions:
Mission Space-Yeah, well, yeah. I didn't hate the ride. It was just a let-down.
El Rio De Tempo- Which is Mexican for "No Ride At All". I'm suprised this was not at the top of your list. I'm guessing you were just feeling sorry for it.
Animal Kingdom Safari- I can't agree with you at all on this. I've seen animals lots of times. That's not what's cool about it to me. It's the way it's laid out. From the ruts in the road, to the invisible barriers between enclosures. If you were in Africa, and someone hit you over the head really hard, and then maybe drugged you, and you woke up days later on the Animal Kingdom Safari, you might think that you were still in....well a ride that looked a lot like Africa. And I think that says a lot.
I would like to add Peimeval Whirl to the list- Good enough for what it is, a county fair ride. To me, it just has no place in a Disney park. That's my 2 cents.


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