Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Notes

- Doctor appointment on Friday. Good news: My TSH levels, while still horridly high, are no longer pushing 90. Just topping 50 in fact! Ok, they should be like, 6 or something I don't really know. Increased synthroid dosage.
Also, my doctor says I'm a candidate for sleep apnea. I don't have to go to a sleep study, whatever that is (does someone watch me sleep on a sanitized white bed? Creepy) I get to take some home test on Wednesday.

- Move over Louie Anderson. I've officialy cooked for someone more famous than you. Or at least, someone more important. Or, someone that was once more important. Anyway, I probably am forbidden from dropping the names of celebrities that patronize my workplace, whether for confrences or simple hospitality (Garrison Keillor? I made his breakfast. Didn't even spit in it!) But let's just say I made dessert for a certain former Senate Minority leader (and ex-senator now) who's name rhymes with "Rom Rashcle". Shhhh. I didn't even spit in his food.


At 7:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You met Gom Bashcle!!?? So, is he as tall in person as he is on TV?
More importantly, why do you refuse to spit in food? What's the point of getting into that line of work?


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