Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Deadwood Final Thoughts

We actually finished the last DVD of season 1 last week. Is there a second season? I could probably find out quite easily, but I guess I don't care that much.
I guess I basically got over the rampant profanity (though I really wish someone would get them a thesaurus for synonyms to that one word) I don't know, I guess I kinda like it. Here's a few things that bugged me.

Calamity Jane- I'm sorry, what was the point of her character? I mean really, what did she do on this show? Besides having that annoying whiny voice she used whenever she was drunk, which was all the time.

The Doctor- I think he might just be my all time least favorite TV character. Yes, I get it, he's on edge, ok? Sheesh. Here's a sample scene involving the good doctor.

Miner- Doc, I got a splinter in my finger...

Doc- Goddam it, didn't if f****** say you should f****** now I have to f****** because you f*****8 f********** with s****** to f******* goddam it.

Miner- Is this a bad time? I'll just come back...

Doc- No, you f****** f***** k****** g********** f** (tears out a handul of his own hair)

Seth Bullock aka "Purposeful Strider"- It's like whenever a scene required him to walk down the sidewalk, the director said "Ok, stride there! and with a purpose! Yeah, that's right! You're just going for breakfast but look like you're on your way to kick someones ass! Yeah!

That and the profanity.


At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really thought the show was OK, but here's something I found interesting. In the history of Deadwood, there is one really well known figure that stands out, Wild Bill Hickock. And yet, as I remember it, this is the way Hickock's grand entrance to the HBO show went:
Dirty louse-ridden miner-F***** people! Look who just F***** come to F******** town! It's F****** Wild Bill Hicko..........oh, he's dead. F*****.


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