Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What's Bugging Ben Today?

Everytime there is someone representing Canada on TV, it's guranteed they'll have something with them. Roots. As in the clothing line. Every Olympics, when the Canadian team walks out the announcers gush over the classy, elegant Roots wear. And there is the inevitable news story about how the American teams designers had to counter last years Canadian uniforms that were such a hit. I was even watching Iron Chef one time and the challenger came out totally decked out in Roots. The store at Epcots Canada pavillion mostly sells Roots. Roots, Roots, Roots.
Congratulations Canada, you've invented a clothing line. I like Eddie Bauer and all, but you know, I manage to make my life not revolve around it. I guess if you're from Canada you latch on to whatever bit of pride you can.

(It wouldn't be a Minnesota blog without the occasional Canada jab)


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