Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Night Notes

-Most unintentionaly hilarious ad on TV:
"My cousin from Italy is very serious about his Italian food. So when he visits, I take him to Olive Garden."

Concerning my list of Greatest Americans-
-I should have replaced McArthur with Patton.
-Babe Ruth for Ted Williams. Williams was the greatest hitter ever, a hero in TWO wars and a champion fisherman after he retired. So he would make a list of Manliest Men, but for overall influence he would probably yield to Babe Ruths unprecedented national celebrity.
-As for Watson and Crick, only James Watson should be on the list. I "always" forget that Francis Crick is a Brit. Damn limeys. Always trying to tax our tea.

(?:( I'm sad that someone has driven a fish hook through my forehead.
Wow this should get old fast. Lets see how quick we can run it into the ground.


At 10:39 AM, Blogger Jen said...

8(:-) Happy that I have Mickey Mouse ears on.

At 4:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

[:| Fire bad.

At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, OK. If it will get you off my back.
Let me see….Top 25 Americans…. Considering the sheltered life I lead, this could be a problem.
Oh well…
Let’s start with the top five, or so. Maybe not in this order.
Abraham Lincoln – Talk about not being the America we know without him!
Martin Luther King Jr – I don’t want to offend anyone, but you pretty much have to be a Nazi not to be inspired by him.
Walt Disney – My personal role model. I’m not basing this on the parks or the movies. He was a genius with high ideals and values, and would never settle for “good enough”.
Let’s see, is that five? This is going to be tough.
Teddy Roosevelt – “Walk softly, and carry a big stick”. Every time we waiver from that, in any direction, we get in trouble. Also, Yellowstone Park.
That must be almost five.
Other presidents:
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington (The general more than the president)
Ronald Reagan – I suppose some of you kids don’t remember the cold war, but I do.
Inventors and such:
Henry Ford
Thomas Edison – Barely.
Albert Einstein – I’m actually in awe of him. He was either smarter than anyone on earth, or he just made up a bunch of crap and fooled everyone.
Wright Brothers………..You know, they didn’t really invent the airplane. They just sort of developed and promoted a working model. Still, they did what no one else was able to do.
Bill Gates – I’ve never really forgiven him for not giving me a billion dollars, but there’s no getting around the fact he’s the most influential industry leader in my lifetime.
William Sherman – “War is hell”.
U.S. Grant – I know, I know, he had his flaws, but I really feel the map of the United states would be a lot smaller today if he hadn’t come along when he did.
George Patton - ………mmmmm…..yeah, I’ll stick with that.
I hate to just keep copying other people’s lists, but…
Mark Twain – Defined America in his age.
Clara Barton – If she ever gets a coin I’m sure it will be better than Suzie B. Anthony’s.
Honus Wagner – A true sports role model
Bob Hope – Based largely on his USO show stuff.
Benjamin Franklin – For inventing the electric kite.
Fredrick Douglas
Lewis and Clark……………I guess…..
Chief Red Cloud – About the only Indian leader who managed to come out on top in the plains wars…..sort of.
Almost made the list:
Bob Dylan – Except he’s crazy.
Elvis Presley – Also went crazy.
Robert E. Lee – Possibly greatest military mind in US history. Just one minor problem.
Well, that’s enough.


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