Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ranking the HK kids

Here's how I figure the Hells Kitchen contestants are seeded right now-

1-Michael: Did you know he has "Chef Life" tattooed across his knuckles? Thats dedication. He's never really screwed up, never really been yelled at by chef, gets his stuff done and just generally plays it cool. Has to be the front runner.
2-Ralph: Peaches on steak nontwithstanding. If he actually did that to sabotage Andrew then he's pretty dumb since it was a Team Challenge and all he did was cost himself face time with Chef Ramsey. He's really not that great a leader and his bossiness will blow up in his face.
3-Elsie: She's done pretty well for herself all things considered. But she dosen't appear to handle being yelled at very well, and that's kinda important in this game.
4-Andrew: Chef must have some belief in him to keep him on after the Peaches Incident. Maybe he saw the tapes and just appreciated him not trying to dump the blame on Ralph.
5- Mary Ellen: I couldn't tell you thing one about this woman, expect the fact she is apparently a recent culinary school grad. So I guess I should pull for her in the name of solidarity and all. Her major lack of face time dosen't speak well for her chances though.
6-Chris: An executive chef should probably be shining a little brighter in this competition. I don't think his habit of spending half an hour getting ready in the morning when the sous chefs are banging pots and pans and hollering to get to line up will help him.
7-Jessica: Boo hoo! I have no chance in this game!
8-Jimmy: The only difference between Jimmy and Jeff is that when Jeff screwed up he would stand around whining and making excuses. Jimmy screws up even more often, but he always dives right back in and tries to fix things. That will keep him alive for a little while. Until things really start to matter.

Already Gone-
Jeff:Wow, who could have seen this coming?
Wendy: How'd that Mandarin war cry from Episode II work out for ya? "We will never lose again?" Huh. Whats Chinese for "I will be eliminated next episode"?
Dewberry: Oh well, I hear San Francisco is quite nice this time of year.
CarolAnn: I don't even remember who you are.


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