Friday, March 11, 2005

Random Notes

On break from work right now. I just talked to Chappy, he redid my resume for me and it looks great. I hope to start sending it out tomorrow.
Oh and dad? I will NEVER stop mocking Punty. I just have the feeling he will someday be the first on field tiger related casualty and thats just an embarassment the team can't afford.
We're back up to 92 percent at work. Guess the Spring Break rush is starting early. I just can't wait to deal with a bunch of stupid drunks. Hey, it will be like I'm back in college!
I think I have a picture of myself with one of my co-workers on my yahoo accout. I am going to try and figure out how to post it. So everyone can see what I looked like six weeks ago.

Jesse- Yeah, I guess you were right about Blyleven. I don't know why I was thinking he was with us in '91. I guess I got him mixed up with someone else. (You got your Jack Morris in my Bert Blyleven! You got your Bert Blyleven in my Jack Morris!)


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