Friday, March 11, 2005

Apparently we are Orioles fans

Because thats what I keep getting ads for. Orioles tickets, Orioles merchandise. Huh. And sexy vixens? I didn't see that one. Mostly now its just ticket vendors.
And yes, I miss Denny Hocking, because he could and sometimes would play 14 different positions during the game, including ones he made up like "westfielder" and "nose tackle".
I guess I will miss Christian Guzman too, if for nothing else it means our regular shortstop will be Nick freakin Punto. I used to like him alot more when he was cranking twenty triples a season. But really, isn't the triple kind of a worthless statistic? Even when you get twenty a year, which is absurd, how much does it really help? Less than the guy who hits twenty two homers a year, and thats just about everyone now. I mean, ok you made it to third. And you did it about once every eight games. Huzzah.

By the way I want to thank everyone for making yesterday the best day in this sites history in terms of traffic. I really appreciate it!


At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see......I haven't seen Tony Oliva's name anywhere in all this. I need to add it since there was a time, somewhere around 1971, when he was the greatest hitter on earth....for a few minutes anyway.
I think it's time you stop dissin' Punty.
So yesterday was your site's best day in history for traffic. I wonder how much sexy vixens had to do with that.


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