Thursday, March 10, 2005


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You know who I miss? Denny Hocking.

Right now, my list of all time favorite MINNESOTA TWINS would probably look something like-

1- Torii Hunter- If he played in almost any other market he'd be on the cover of SI on a regular basis. Yeah his hitting kinda sucks, but his glove is the best thing going in baseball.
2- Bert Blyleven- I didn't really see him play much, even when he came back to help the Twins win another World Series, but I'm basing this mainly on his work in the announce booth.
3- Chuck Knoblauch- I used to be a HUGE Knoblauch fan, but then I got really pissed at him when he wanted to be traded. In retrospect he really didn't do anything wrong, he was just sick of playing for a team that didn't look like it would ever be able to win again. Of course we got Eric Milton and Christian Guzman (who I guess, aren't actually with us anymore) and he got a couple world series rings before he forgot how to throw, so everything worked out.
4-Brad Radke- I can't help it, I just have an unlimited resevoir of goodwill for this guy. He could run over my foot in the parking lot and I'd still tell everyone how he's the best control pitcher in the game since the heyday of Greg Maddux, while writing an angry letter to Upper Deck demanding they release a "Bad Brad" poster.
5-Kirby Puckett- I guess he deserves to be a little higher, but I can't help but be somewhat un neved by all the stuff thats come out in recent years. I know he was exonerated by the courts, and I guess I believe him, its just not the kind of thing you ever want to hear about a sports hero.
Coming Up Fast- Johan Santana
Honorable Mention For The Player I Obviously Never Saw- Harmon Killebrew



At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you call your self a twins fan

Blyleven came back to help us win our FIRST World Series...not another...

That and the fact you miss the career .250 Denny Hocking, I am hereby stripping you of your minnesota twins membership

just kidding man
not like there's a membership or anything.....

....that you know of


At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee honey I dont know if the baseball thing worked I only saw an add for sexy vixins...although men like baseball and sexy vixins so maybe thats what "smart software" does. Humm.



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