Tuesday, February 22, 2005

We'll see how it goes

I have the next two days off, but I feel kinda run down today and I don't know if I'll go anywhere. I dont need to go to MGM soon because that is the only place I haven't really looked for any HMs in earnest. Well except for on Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower o' Terror. Well, maybe I could swing by later. Now that I have my camera and all. I do need to do some scouting for the big scavenger hunt. (Just....um....xx days away!)
Also, I need to go back to AK. I really only looked for HMs on the attractions I needed stamps for before. And apparently Consveration Station is just swarming with the little buggers. I don't know....so many..urchins there.
Last night I had my first solo night on any line station and we got slammed. But, Brian (the chef assistant) said I did a really good job. So did a couple of the other guys on the line. It was tough and I missed a few things, plus I blew through almost all the prep I did before hand, but whatever. I made it and I'm happy.


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