Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Well, I completed the first draft of my resume today, so after lunch and a nap I spun over to Animal Kingdom to catch the last few hours the park would be open.
Tip 1- Don't show up to a park just as a parade is starting.
I tried every which way to get around that darn parade, but no matter what I kept ending up right in front of it. SO I had to just stand there and watch it outside of the safari enterance (but across the street so I couldn't actually go in) Afterwards I got swept up in the post parade crush and pretty much pushed into line for Safari. Oh well.
It was a decent trip. Alot of the animals were missing, but some were more in evidence than usual. A cheetah was pacing back and forth in front of the river eying the scimitar antelopes. Four bongos, who I've only seen previously standing waaaay back in the trees, by themselves, were grazing right next to the track (Fun Fact: Bongos are known as "ghosts of the forrest" because when I try to take a picture of them all I get is a grey vaugley tree shaped blur) The automated radio messages mostly weren't working forcing the driver, to ad lib, sing hakuna matata etc. The funniest moment came when a male impale tried to mate with another male, prompting mass giggling amongst te guests. "Well that happens sometimes in nature" says the driver.
The line for Dinosaur was 45 mins, so yeah, I'm not riding that today. On with the HMs.

First off, the island in the flamingo pond is supposedly an HM. One of these days I'll remember to actually look.

Camp Minnie-Mickey
Where- Just outside the entrance to the Pocohantas animal show is an ice cream stand. Hanging from the outer railing is a birdhouse. The entrance on the right, is a full mickey head profile.
Intentional? Either that or a fortuitous wood cutting error.
Notes: This is almost decorational, but I'll call it an HM because it's not easily spotted.

Where-The topper of the flagpole outside the Character meeting place. Its a brass Mickey.
Intentional? Yes, but possibley decorative.
Notes: I'm not sure if this is really an HM. I'm tempted to call it decorational.

Where: The shutter windows of a different ince cream stand. They form an HM, but with the bottom half of the head chopped off.
Intentional? Possible. The design is repeated several times on the stand.
Notes: This might not be one. I'm leary of repeated designs. HMs should be unique.

By the way, I wound up here while trying to dodge the parade. I went over to the character meeting ground, which was just closing up, and got my picture with Stitch, Donald and Goofy, without waiting.

Where- On a little side path outside safari. A large HM made of darker colored rock in the sidewalk.
Intentional? Yup.
Notes: This was right where the line for Extra Magic Hours bracelets formed. So I had to wait around awhile to get a picture of it.

Where- The cement outside a nearby sign?
Notes: I couldn't find this one, and none of the cast members knew it either. Hmmph.

Where: A drain outside the Mombasa Marketplace
Notes: This one is kinda cool. Its a circular drain with clusters of pebbles forming the ears. There are actually two of these in the area.

Where- Above the hippos eye on the tree of life?
Notes: Pshaw. Its supposedly upside down, but the ears arent' even circular.

Paagani Forest Exploration Trail office-
Where: On the back of the desk is a small box of Aseppo soap. Two white circles have been added to the top of the 'O'.
Notes: This one is cool. It took me three tries to get a good picture of it though.

Where: On a backpack hanging in a corner. A small mickey has been stitched on to the side.
Notes: This one is tiny and easy to miss. I recruited the attendant to snap a picture of it for me. Thanks Cliff!

Where: On the back of a dinosaur model on Cretacous trail.
Notes: Ok, theres definitely a classic mickey design there, but there are also two smaller orbs connected to the bottom of the head. So I say no.

Where: The meteor in the center of Primevel whirl.
Notes: Some of the craters form loose HMs.

Where: In the parking spots across from Triceratops Spin.
Notes: This is a cool one. The cement is heavily cracked here, and at one point it forms a perfect HM. One of my favorites!

Uh, I think thats all of them. I'm doing this post at Epcot Cast Services. So if I really wanted to, afterwards I could just walk backstage to the park and see what I can collect. I dunno, Dad and I already swept world showcase, and I think futureland or whatever closes early. I think I'll try MGM tomorrow.
Geez, at this rate I won't have a real scavenger hunt to do when the time comes. Maybe I should just do it piecemeal like this.


At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have no guesses on your trivia. I hope Becky is keeping track of all the HM. It will be fun to try and spot them. Did Becky tell you if you find a paint brush on Tom Sawyer's island and turn it in to a cast member, you get some sort of prize?

At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note to self - Bring a paintbrush to Disney World.

At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your HM reports are killing me. It's like listening to news reports of the first moon landing. So wonderous to to imagine yourself there, and yet so far away and unreachable. My life seems meaningless now. Thanks a lot.
Your Father
P.S. I expect pictures


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