Thursday, June 02, 2005

We have to kind of wait it out on the house offer. They countered with 150, and with closing costs rolled in the price is right back to where we started. So Beth, our agent, says wait two weeks and the house will be in foreclosure anyway. And the bank will be able to take a lower price.
Yeah, I know, it feels weird dealing with foreclosure stuff, almost like picking over the tattered remanants of someones life. But What are we supposed to do? Someone has to buy that house. Unless you want to tear it down and leave a vacant lot in memory of the people whou couldn't pay their mortgage.
Damn it,; Gwens keyboard is busted and it keeps dropping semi colons all over the place.


At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey that keyboard has served me well for years...however the lack of cleaning during that time may be the problem.


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