Wednesday, June 01, 2005

More thoughts on Star Wars III

In light of Jesses comments, here's a few more thoughts on Revenge of the Sith-

- So, did George Lucas write the script? I guess that might explain why I was slapping my forehead ten minutes into the film as Obi-wan asks "How could this happen? We're smarter than this!" and then it cuts to more of R2-D2s hillarious robot pratfalls.

- Maybe George Lucas should just go ahead and make that Robots of Vaudeville special you know is kicking around inside his brain. There wouldn't have to be any humans onstage, which is good, since it's becoming increasingly obvious he can't deal with them.

- "Thank you....Chewbacca!" Aggh, I just about punched the screen right there. It had to be Chewbacca didn't it?? There are apparently, like nine people in this galaxy and they all just keep running into each other. It wasn't enough that Darth Vader built C-3PO?

- I almost, almost ALMOST felt sorry for Jar Jar Binks. I mean, the guy was a major character in Ep I. Then after a tidal wave of hatred he gets downgraded to about three lines in Ep II. Finally, he gets a one second, non speaking cameo in Ep III. Almost feel sorry for him. But thats probably because I haven't seen Episode I in so long, so his "Oh meesa so sorry" crap isn't fresh in my mind.
Dad actually had a great line about him, after we saw Ep I.

Me-(talking about Jar Jar) I guess some groups are protesting the movie. They say he's an offensive stereotype.

Dad- Offensive to who?? Stupid people?

I kinda cleaned up the language, but thats the jist.

- When Yoda and Palpatine were battling in the halls of the Senate, I halfe expected Yodas robe would open and he'd be wearing a shirt that said "FILIBUSTER".

- The only part of the movie I found moving at all was the Jedi purges. For a one time part time Star Wars geek like me, it was actually fairly powerful. So I'll give George Lucas that. And now I'm done.


At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never having seen episode III, but based entirely on episode I, I agree with everthing you said.


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