Sunday, May 29, 2005

Seafood Lasgana???

Seriously, that was one of the things I had to make tonight at work. I could barely stand looking at it, I was worried I would puke. I couldn't believe anybody would eat it. But they did. People ate alot of pot roast and au gratin potatoes tonight too. So I went through alot of that. Plus I was making prime rib, barbecue chicken, cajun catfish, mahi mahi with black bean salsa, bread pudding, cherry crisp...uhh...oh yeah grilled pork with steamed vegetables. Pretty busy, but I had a good night.

(Had to take a break to play "Snausages" with Belmont right there. It's really just wrestling around on the ground while I say "Snausages!" a bunch of times. It gets him really worked up.)

Ah, I see Belle won the Ultimate Disney Heroine thingy. Really, Ariel stood no chance against Belles relentless love of books. But hey, didn't Ariel have a book in her cave of crap? How does that work? Have you ever tried to read something under water?


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