Thursday, January 27, 2005

Step up

Found out last night that I am starting on the main kitchen line tonight! Yikes, I am nervous. I hope it goes well. Hopefully things wont be too busy tonight so I can see how things are run. Well, wish me luck, I'll let you know how it goes!


At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, this is your father.
Does this mean that you will be preparing Cajun dishes, and can you steal recipes?

At 1:42 PM, Blogger Mom or Dad said...

Good Luck Ben!
I'm sure you'll do fine.


At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck Ben! You must be pretty excited to be getting into the main kitchen. I assume this means you'll be working in the actual restaruant?

At 2:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Luck Ben! Break an arm. Is that what chefs say? Or a leg. Or someother body part that signifies luck.
Beany & family


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