Wednesday, December 22, 2004

First Things First

Before we get to the list below, a couple quick hits.

I am officially the worst picture taker ever. I went to Animal Kingdom yesterday, and during Mickey Jammin Jungle Jewish Jambalaya Jamboree parade thingy I took about thirty pictures and got maybe one good one. Also, what the hell is so hard about the directions "stay behind the white line"? That dosen't mean run across the street in between every float. It was pretty funny when a cast member YELLED at this one lady who apparently didnt get the idea.

That Dinosaur ride is pretty good. I rode it once, and since they didn't take my FastPass I rode it again. That time I remembered to make a funny face at the camera. Ha ha.

Its Tough To Be A Bug? Damn, there were little kids running out of the theater screaming. I don't really blame them.

The Osborne Family Spectacle of lights was pretty good I guess but I still don't feel like Christmas.


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