Thursday, December 16, 2004

A few random hits

Shan-Yu: I looked his name up on IMDB. Actually when I looked I still couldn't tell who was who. I was hoping he would have an easy name to pick out of the credits like "Khan Kitteneater" but no. I had to look it up somewhere else, I don't remember.

The Jungle Cruise- I left this off my ride list! It would have gone on the recent departures side. I mean, its a cool ride, but mainly for the nostalgic value now. If you get a good skipper it can still be fun though. Too bad every theme park in Europe has completely cannibalized this one.

Going on rides alone- It's possible. I went to MK yesterday, and owing to the withering 55 degree temperatures the place was pretty dead. I was literally able to walk right onto Splash Mountain. As in NO line. I got to ride all by myself once, which was kinda cool. I don't know why.

-UPDATE- The Dasani Water Bottle Of Doom is still in place.

I also got to ride Space Mountain by myself, which I didn't expect. You know after you go through the turnstiles you choose to go to either the left or right boarding station. Well, the second time I went on I saw a line stacking up to the right, and following human instinct everyone was queing up there. So, using Dads "don't be a sheep" advice I peeled off to the left, and what do you know, the boarding station was totally empty! Cool.

Also rode the Winnie the Pooh ride for the first time. Hard to judge, it kept stopping every ten seconds.
Hey, you know what makes Big Thunder Railroad alot more scary? When you've got one hand on the safety bar, and the other on your digital camera and you're praying you don't drop it.


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, this is your father.
I would never say that riding alone was not fun, just different. And I love Disney parks without the crowds. I'm actually envious. In fact, you're no longer my son.

The Jungle Cruise would not be on the top or bottom of my list. But, like you, I have fond memories of it. Mainly, I remember that when I was very small we had a ViewMaster reel of the Jungle Cruise. I was entranced by it. I pictured it as this exotic and unreachable place that that I would only be able to dream about. It doesn't really seem that exotic anymore, but that's part of the fun of riding it.

If you want to make Big Thunder really scary, try holding your wallet in the air using just your thumb and forefinger while you're riding.

At 12:09 PM, Blogger Ben said...

I think next time I ride Big Thunder I will ask some couple if I can juggle their baby on the ride.


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