Friday, May 26, 2006

A Few Last Thoughts (On Harold Dieterle)

Well, Top Chef in general, I just can't resist a cheap opportunity to draw in readers.

- I enjoyed the show, despite it's various flaws. Some of the challenges were ridiculous, the guest judges were uniformly annoying, Lee Anne was unfairly jobbed etc. etc... But it was a good cast of characters and that really carried it through. I would rate it as somewhat less entertaining than Hells Kitchen (Returning June 12th! Yes!) In HK, the elimination challenges are always the same, line cooking on a busy night, but I can relate to them much more.

- No, I'm pretty sure Harold isn't gay, and I never really thought he was. And he and Lee Anne sure seem cozy. Good for them.

- I ragged on Harold a lot for being boring and unspectacular but I really did like the guy. While his whole "I'm a chef, that's what I do" thing got cliche it really did describe him. I wish I was as good as Harold.

- Anyone else notice Miguel and Lee Anne in the culinary school commercial? What's up with that?

- Suggestions for Season 2. Move it to Chicago. Less dopey guest judges. More focus on the cooking, less on the bitching and backstabbing (but I guess that's what moves the ratings). No challenges involving creepy drag queen parties. Pick me.

- I should have mentioned this yesterday when my readership peaked, but if you also like Hell's Kitchen check back here when it returns on June 12th for my recaps. Maybe, you like.


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